Inspiring creativity, lifelong learning, and appreciation of the natural environment and cultural heritage in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.

There can be little doubt but that many of the articles which follow in this work will appear to men who have devoted their lives to the arts and those sciences which are lost immediately connected with them, as trite and little worthy of notice. But what might seem to such persons as merely commonplace information may, perhaps, prove valuable to others, whose time may have been devoted to pursuits of a different nature.”
—Thomas Green Fessenden, The Register of Arts, 1808

Folk School Sign


Supporting the preservation of Park resources as it operates in historical facilities within the Park, the Folk School will offer diverse classes that students from local communities and visitors to the Park will find attractive. Students’ will experience hands-on workshops that connect to the natural environment and the cultural heritage of the Park and the Lake Superior region.

John and student


  • Create a supportive non-competitive environment where students become lifelong learners.
  • Enhance each student’s park experience and appreciation through creative expression.
  • Promote and preserve traditional knowledge, arts, skills, and stories from the Lake Superior region
  • Support and promote learning across generations and community building with creative and meaningful opportunities.


 Interested in being a student or instructor?