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Northern Michigan Vacation: Winter Camping in Porcupine Mountains

  • Posted by Jeff Smith on March 5, 2013 at 8:33am

    Camping compadre Tim, up on the Escarpment Trail, Porcupine Mountains, Michigan.

    I had the great pleasure recently of heading up to the Porcupine Mountains for a winter campout in the snowy backcountry with a couple of longtime pals from Minnesota.


    The Porkies are beautiful any time of year, and for me, winter there is made especially beautiful because, well, this is kind of selfish I guess, but because you know there aren’t too many people who make it into the backcountry that time of year to enjoy it. You can pretend it’s all yours.

  • Read the rest here and see the great pics to go along with this wonderful, winter opportunity in the park.

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