2021 Board Election Ballot

Join us at the Friends’ Annual Meeting. October 16, 2021 at the Folk School Building near the Union Bay Campground, 3:00 p.m.—5:00 p.m. EDT. Find out what the Friends and our programs have accomplished this past year, and vote on the proposed budget and candidates for the Board.

Debby Kisor Bio –  Having been a lifelong seasonal resident of Green since 1944, I consider this area my home. The beauty of the mountains, the forests and Lake Superior are deeply etched in my soul. The Friends of the Porkies has offered a strong presence in the past and I believe it should again be an active part in our community. In the past I have worked on programming, especially in the Folk School, and well as volunteering for various jobs. Communication is essential and I have background in writing and publicity that I would freely donate to the board. Because I live out of state for 6-8 months of the year, I am able to attend board meetings via Zoom when necessary.

Jane Rasmussen – My husband and I have been coming to this area for many years, first bringing our children here for camping and hiking and later moving up here and having the Porkies in our backyard, so to speak. I spend a lot of time in the Porkies hiking, cross country skiing, and showing our friends and family around the park. I have been on the Friend’s board for 5 years and I have been the Friend’s volunteer bookkeeper for about 6 years. In addition to the board, I am on the Folk School committee where I volunteer as host, take classes and help to line up instructors. I enjoy working on the Friends of the Porkies projects and programs and I love being a part of preserving and promoting this beautiful area.

Debra Lenz – I currently work for the US Forest Service in Ironwood MI as the Supervisor of the Ottawa National Forest, where I am responsible for all programs and personnel. I’ve worked for land management agencies for about 30 years in several states, as a biologist, ecologist, and then later a manager. One of my core values in my work is collaboration. I appreciate engaging with local governments, non-profit groups, tribes, private industry, and other stakeholders. I have enjoyed spending time in the Porkies since first moving to the UP in 2005, and have hiked, biked, and skied many of the trails and areas within the park. I am interested in supporting the work of the MI DNR, the Friends of the Porkies, and other partners to maintain and support programs and efforts that conserve Park wilderness values, while also providing recreation and economic development opportunities to the citizens and communities of the western UP.

21-22 Budget for Annual Mtg

Can’t attend in person? Vote remotely right here!

Sally Berman, FOP President

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