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Discovering Copper

The Keweenaw National Historical Park, Park Advisory Commission, awards The Keweenaw Heritage Grant.  The Friends have applied yearly since 2011.  In the past the 13th years, $16,800 grant funds have been awarded and matched by the Friends.  These funds have produced two film projects about mining and geology, and 72 classroom trips to the Porkies.  In 2021, the Friends created the “Nonesuch Mine” video so students all over the country can discover copper from their classroom. 

You can purchase the Nonesuch Mine video at

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Kids Outdoor Skills Academy Grant Application Spring and Fall 2024


This grant application is for teachers looking to bring students on a field trip to the  Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park to learn a new outdoor skill.  

There are a variety of Kids Outdoor Skill Programs to choose from:  

Archery, knot tying, compass skills, shelter building, and much more!  

This grant can be used toward busing cost and other field-trip expenses.  

Remember this is a first-come first-serve award process, so send in  application as soon as possible. Funding is awarded by date of application received. 

This grant is made possible through fundraising efforts. Help keep the program going  by supplying examples to show the effectiveness of the trip. Photographs, student  writings or artwork on their education experience shared with us will help for future  fundraising.