Discovering Copper - Mini-Grant Program

The Porkies provide a wonderful outdoor classroom and the Friends helps educators and students get into the woods. Our most important vehicle for promoting classroom visits to the park is the Mini-Grants Program. Annually, educators request funds to help pay for transportation to the park and materials for their activities facilitated by the park naturalist. These funds also support general education programs presented at the park by experts in various fields.

This is the 11th year the Friends has funded school trips for students to learn about the importance of copper the Porkies history. In 2021, the Friends created the “Nonesuch Mine” video so students all over the country can discover copper from their classroom. Thanks to a grants from Keweenaw National Historical Park the Park continues to help students explore the park in person or through videos. You can purchase the Nonesuch Mine video at

Mini-Grant Application Form

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Outdoor Skills Academy

Kids’ Outdoor Skills Academy is a knock-off of the Michigan State Parks Outdoor Skills Academy (OSA). The Park will offer expert instruction, gear and hands-on learning for snowshoeing, orienteering, backpacking, and archery for schools and organized groups from the region. Participants will receive a certificate of completion or OSA sticker for each class, with special recognition for Outdoor Skills Academy “graduates” who complete multiple classes.